Who is

Sabir Bey?

Sabir's passion is traveling the globe and gaining knowledge to the hidden legacy of the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of the the world in order to assist in uplifting fallen humanity. His love for wisdom and knowledge leads him to build anywhere, with anyone.

Throughout his adventures, he seeks out hard-to-find vegan/vegetarian restaurants and puts black-owned shops and business on the map! His presence on social media always provides rich content to make you think critically about law and history. His emphasis on the importance of teaching the young is his personal motivation, and he works endlessly to bring fresh material to anyone eager to learn, paving the way to a stronger community.

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"Sabir is a scholar and a historian; "A litterary poet". He is relentless in his research methods, poised, articulate, methodical; regarded as an expert in studying factual information. He is a breath of fresh air, hearing him "spit" primary and secondary resourceful information to the masses is mind blowing and eye opening. His passion for what he does shows that he was created and destined for greatness"
                                      -Erica Tunnell
"Integrity, hardworking, loyal, compassionate, entertaining, bold, real, authentic, universal, remarkable, trustworthy, and loving...I have learned a great deal from Sabir and I appreciate him for all his works, I have supported him and hope to assist him in more of his great ventures. Unstoppable Knowledge."
                          -Jacquetta Green
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A Man of Many Hats

Hakim Green, Sabir Bey, Abundance Child, Bro. Taj Tarik Bey, and Immortal Technique at the Channel Live Zulu Hip Hop Panel, 2014

The Fifth Element of HipHop

It is well known that HipHop is a way of life, and Sabir is a shining example of this.

A member of the Zulu Nation, and growing up during its inception, he proficiently breaks down, to it's very last compound, the origins and language of HipHop, while pointing the way into being a productive member to society through music and other elements of the art, hence being rightly given the title of the Fifth Element of HipHop by one of its leading pioneers, Afrika Bambaataa.


Film Writer/Producer

Showcasing the expression of his creative abilities, he has written and produced films such as the light-bringing documentary  "Out of Darkness", which includes today's most sought-after intellectuals like Dr. Kaba Kamene, Professor James Small, and Emir Taj Tarik Bey, and "Abandoned Act", with our brother Hawthorne James. His current projects include "Heavy is the Crown" and a follow-up to "Out of Darkness", "Out of Darkness II".

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Elijah Farrakhan, Sabir Bey, and Mustafa Farrakhan, 2017

Radio Personality

 With his 16 year track record on several radio stations around the continent, from WKDU in Philadelphia to RMC in LA, it would be impossible to truthfully say this man is not a natural at what he does! He brings REAL Edu-tainment to any platform he can get his voice heard; bringing law, civics, and history together to  explain today's hot topics.

Even with his busy schedule, he always finds time for radio. Currently, you can catch him on WURD every 5th Sunday with David Barnes at 7pm EST.


Motivational Speaker

With his natural light and straight-up realness, he is hands-down a strong mentor to many, especially on social media. He continuously shows and proves how important it is to:

  • give to and build with the homeless

  • Eat right

  • Exercise

  • Expand one's knowledge base through reading and buying books

  • Temper the lower self

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